About us

Movement, the driving force of progress


movement, the driving force of progress

Di-ma Di-ma was founded to develop and design direct current linear actuators and gear motors. Our continued research and innovation of both linear actuators and gear motors set us apart from the crowd. Armed with twenty years of experience, the real goal of our work is the customisation of products and assistance as required for our clients.

Our philosophy

As consultants, we make our expertise available to better serve our clientele.

We collaborate with our customers to find the best solution to their needs.

Our products are tools to obtain desired results.

We offer what will best serve the client.


DI-MA DI-MA offers complete customisation services. Development, design, prototyping and production: the final product is practically “tailor made”.

  • 1) "choice in materials and components"
  • 2) "development of the line and shape"
  • 3) "take the appropriate measurements", then proceed to the development of the project and the prototype
  • 4) "try on" and test the product
  • 5) "fine tuning", the product is perfected and industrialised
  • 6) ""start sewing", production and delivery
  • 7) "maintenance", post-sales service


DI-MA, Working closely with the client, DI-MA searches for the best solutions to meet his expectations and demands. Collaboration with industry professionals, coordination with qualified suppliers and experience gained over the years combine to create a spirit of collaboration that supports our clients in the planning and development of new products and innovative ideas.


During product development we focus on your needs

During service development we focus on the client

Assisting the client during the various phases of product development and use is a challenge that DI-MA enthusiastically accepts.
Product traceability, non-conformity management and the analysis and solution of problems are just a few aspects of our post-sales service.

Di-ma charter of values

Respect (human relationships)

Respect for oneself and for others.
The desire to communicate, listen, learn and participate.

Working together

only united can we progress and improve. Suppliers and clients are players on the same team trying to reach a common goal.


making a mistake doesn’t mean failing, but rather, gaining experience. Taking responsibility for one’s decisions and actions demonstrates a desire to experiment with and try new methods.

Sustainable development

we’re guests on this planet; respect for the environment we live on is a choice and a duty. It’s an essential part of our values.


in every part of our private and work lives, passion is our true motor. Believing in the things you do and study

learning and bettering your

knowledge and abilities, and constantly innovating - these are all essential elements to learning and improving. One never stops learning.