A few Case history

Low voltage electric actuators and gear motors are currently undergoing an incredible evolution. Their versatility and their ease of use ensure that they are applicable to extremely diverse parts of our daily lives.

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the ability to manage client stockpiles/warehouses

checks to test the product’s duration, defining the usage cycles

design and prototyping of new products

Custom products made with technical expertise and Italian creativity

WHY use an electric actuator

Compact size:

despite a reduced size, our electric actuators provide very high levels of force. This makes them an excellent choice when space is limited.

Easy to install:

with an electric actuator, you don’t need a compressor, pipes or tubes for compressed air. Nor does the equipment need an oil disbursement system.

Easy to use:

all you need is a source of electricity. In fact, a small battery is enough to make one of our devices run. With an electric actuator, you can regulate the execution speed as necessary. In doing so, you’ll improve both precision and positioning repeatability.


you can choose various motors according to your needs, such as
- direct current motors with brushes, which are easy to use and affordable.
- brushless motors for uses where electromagnetic compatibility, noise or durability is an issue.
- alternating current motor for heavy use or special applications.

Increased safety:

it’s possible to have static irreversibility, thus reducing the risk of suspended loads. In addition, when combined with intrinsic safety mechanisms, the level of safety is very high.

It’s green:

Our products use very little energy (only when they’re on and active). There are no problems relating to oil loss or the need to dispose of fluids.