Direct current electric actuator with trapezoidal spindle pitch 10mm. The 10 mm thread makes it easily reversible. The motor is parallel to the axle. Actuator body in zamac. Transmission with spur gear system. Five gear ratios with four different motor types. Other ratios upon request. Linear speed up to 90mm/s and a push/pull dynamic load up to 70 kg.
Available in 12V and 24V versions. Voltage may be customized according to client requests.
Spindle may be customized with different attachments and lengths.

General information

  • Gearbox Housing: zamac die-casting
  • Gears: helical teeth cutting gears or straight teeth sintered gears
  • Motor: d.c. permanent magnet motor with carbon brushes
  • Standard screw : AISI 430F TR7.9 x 10
  • Working temperature: -10°C ̴ + 60°C
  • Options : a) Hall sensor magnetic encoder – b) Thermal protector – c) bronze nut – d) different screw material.